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New Babies & Buildings

Happy New Year everyone!

The video above is a quick summary of what God in our family and church in 2021:

  • Our baby girl arrived and is growing TOO fast, just like the other two kiddos.

  • Praise God for a solid & continuing ministry team here in Italy.

  • We've moved into the new building for our church and it was been wonderful to see it put to use!

  • God has brought fruit through the gospel this last year. It is wonderful to see lives saved & people serving.

Please write to us if you have any questions or prayer requests. We're so grateful for you!

Much love,

Landon, Rachel, Avila, Holden, and baby Lucy



We're so grateful for you the faithful people who make the ministry here possible financially. It is encouraging to see God answer our prayers so practically through you.

People have asked if we still need support now that I'll be pastoring in Feltre. Valid question and the answer is absolutely yes. We will be serving a very small church. The church's giving keeps the lights on and pays rent, but not much more than that. We're so grateful that we can devote our time fully to discipling, teaching the word, learning the language, and our prayer is that God raises up these local Italians to reach their people in cities surrounding us in Feltre. The journey is just beginning!

If you have been praying about giving and haven't yet, you can check out our donate page for more logistics or click here to give online now or set up automatic monthly payments.


Thank you for praying for us... please send us your prayer requests so we can be praying for you too.

Praise Reports

  • We got COVID... it is a strange praise but scripture calls us to praise him for the trials. Because of having the viruse we'll be able to have an "antibody" passport that allows us access to more places in our society without having to get swabbed every two days.

  • For all that God is doing in our church, there is steady growth in our leaders.

  • For three healthy children!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our visas which need to be renewed soon.

  • Pray for the spiritual battle that we and many others face in the continued heavy restrictions many face with the covid laws, some people in our church have even lost their jobs because they don't feel comfortable getting vaccinated.

  • Pray that God continues to open many doors for the gospel!

  • Please pray for the building renovation as we are still finishing many projects.

  • Pray for this next season as God is working to establish our leaders and continue discipleship .

  • Pray for our family and Jenna (who serves with us) that we can continue to learn the language and run hard in the work God has given us here.

  • Pray for our marriage to be blessed and filled with God's presence, grace, and unity.

  • For our financial team who supports us that God would continue to provide for them and even bless them even in this economic difficulty.

  • Continue to pray for unity within our church as we begin to structure and organize things better to more effectively minister the gospel within our church and to the lost.

Answered Prayer (from previous lists)

  • ✓We received our new visas so we officially have permission to live her until 2022

  • ✓God provided a large donation that completely covered the purchase of a building in central Feltre. THANK YOU JESUS!

  • ✓Pray for a dear friend who decided to minister alongside us in the work in Feltre. Pray for God's leading as they prepare and seek the Lord.

  • ✓We praise God for His direction in our lives and for leading us to Feltre to serve Jesus with those people. We are so excited!

  • ✓ We found a great car to purchase with the money from the cars we sold before we left. It has already changed so much of how we do things and all the documents lined up so we purchased it three days before we really needed it... after a six month wait.

  • ✓ We received our Permesso di Soggiorno (permission to live) in Italy. This makes us legal here for till 2020.

  • ✓ For our last car to sell. It is on the lot at Downtown Auto Sales in Bakersfield. Believers bought both of our cars before we moved!

  • ✓ For the transition as our family lives with family and friends. We had such amazing hosts, thank you to my fam, Rach's fam, and the Librings!

  • ✓ The perfect apartment and neighbors for our family once we move to Italy. We show a short clip of our place in the video! We love it and its beginning to feel like home.

  • ✓ God has really blessed the class Landon has taught this spring '18 semester. His students were very engaged and worked hard.





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