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It takes a small army to make possible what happens on the missions field and each member of our financial team is so vital. We want to say thanks for even taking the time to read this section and pray about supporting the work in Italy. We have seen God consistently provide in our lives and we're grateful for the fact that He is faithful.

The last thing we want is for people to feel guilted into giving! We always ask people to pray about giving one time or monthly and simply do what He says. We are just beginning to see God lead some individuals and churches to be part of our financial team and it's exciting to watch the team begin to form!

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With the type of visa we necessary to be missionaries in Italy we are unable to work in the country. It's terrifying for us but also amazing to watch God provide. If you want to give a one time donation, or begin monthly support, you are able to at any time and we are so grateful.

Our financial facilitator is called GO! Ministries and your tax deductible donations will be processed through their organization. 
You can find more information about GO! Ministries, ways to donate, and Financial FAQ's below.

Checks: Should be mailed to GO! Ministries at the address above. Please make the check payable to GO! Ministries and write our account number, #1358, in the memo

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GO! Ministries Information

Address: PO Box 7035, Norco, CA 92860 • Account number: #1358 • Phone: (951) 475-1396

GO! Ministries

Bank: Check with your bank in person or online about setting up online one time or reoccurring donations. I set up online payments with my bank and the info above in minutes!

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Cards: You can also donate online at the link below with a 2.5% convenience fee deducted from your donation. Donate now on GO!'s website

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  • Can you legally work in Italy? 
    Because of the visa types available to Americans, we are not able to work in Italy.

  • How many supporters do you need?
    It takes 60 people committed to giving $50 a month to make the work that we'll do there possible. That's man's logic at least, but we know He'll provide!

  • What are your average monthly donation amounts?
    We always encourage people pray about it and give as much or as little as they are led! Generally people give $25, $50, or $100+ a month. 

  • I can't support monthly, can I still give?
    Absolutely! There is an option for one time gifts at the online payment section. 

  • Can I donate with checks, credit cards, or debit cards? 
    The answer is yes, yes, and yes. Sending a check or setting up an automatic bank payment is the biggest bang for your buck. Mail any checks to: GO! Ministries (PO Box 7035, Norco, CA 92860. Please make the check payable to GO!Ministries and write our account, #1358, in the memo. For any card, you may donate at the link above. Online donations deduct a 2.5% convenience fee.

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