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Studying and Sick in Italy!

Ciao tutti! (We are told that means hello everyone!)

We have to start by saying that it is incredible for us to have a group of people like you all who are praying for us, you are such a support to us. Just knowing you're there is so comforting. We are finally adjusting to life here in Italy now that the sun is out, our children have recovered from a string of sicknesses, and we're beginning to get the hang of our new ministry and language study schedule. Thank you for praying!

The video above gives you a peek into our lives here.

Here's the main summary...

  • We've been in Italy for four months now and our children have been sick about six different times in six weeks. After hospital visits, doctor appointments, antibiotics rounds, and breathing treatments... we've never been so grateful for good health.

  • The bible college is in full swing and going quite well! Landon has great students in his Genesis class and has been loving teaching, even though the time needed to study has been intense!

  • Rachel has been blessed by a local lady who is coming to our house in the evenings to teach her the language.

Please write us if you have any questions or prayer requests. We love hearing from you.

Much love,

Landon, Rachel, Avila, & Holden



Our monthly supporters are so faithful, few but mighty! We are so grateful for God providing last month's necessities as He continues to lay us on the hearts of people and we see enough come in every month. We are learning about depending on God's faithfulness, it is so good to trust in Jesus.

If you have been praying about giving and haven't yet, you can check out our donate page for more logistics or click here to give online now or set up automatic monthly payments.


Thank you for praying for us... please send us your prayer requests so we can be praying for you too.

Praise Reports

  • The team who serves at the church we're helping at have been so supportive with our string of illnesses in the house. They even drove us to the hospital at crazy hours of the night... AND would translate for us. Thank you Lord!

  • For healthy children and warm weather which has freed us up to be more active and available for ministry.

  • God is building relationships with us and the locals here!

Answered Prayer (from previous lists)

  • ✓ For our last car to sell. It is on the lot at Downtown Auto Sales in Bakersfield. Believers bought both of our cars before we moved!

  • ✓ For the transition as our family lives with family and friends. We had such amazing hosts, thank you to my fam, Rach's fam, and the Librings!

  • ✓ The perfect apartment and neighbors for our family once we move to Italy. We show a short clip of our place in the video! We love it and its beginning to feel like home.

  • ✓ God has really blessed the class Landon has taught this spring '18 semester. His students were very engaged and worked hard.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray we would receive our Permesso di Soggiorno (permission to live) in Italy. This would make us legal here for the next two years. We had some extra documents needed for our application so it was held up. We've been told we have no reason to worry as everything takes long here, but please still pray.

  • Once we get our residency, we can buy a car and this would make our lives dramatically more efficient! Please pray God provides the perfect car for us.

  • Please pray for wisdom as we are beginning to see some opportunities to church plant in different cities. We don't want to move ahead of God, but we are very encouraged at the amount of opportunity.

  • For our family as we continue to try and adjust to the thousands of different things we need to learn and figure out here. We have a lot to learn!

  • Pray for our marriage to be blessed and filled with God's presence, grace, and unity.

  • Quick understanding and retention of the Italian culture and language as we're starting language study soon. Keep praying for this, we're needing wisdom on the right way to order our summer with class and also other responsibilities with the church we're coming alongside here.

  • For our financial team that the Lord would lead people to be part of making the work in Italy financially possible. Keep praying for this one, we've seen God provide and want to be consistent to continue to ask.




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