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A White Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!!

We're so grateful this year that Jesus is consistent even while everything else changes.

The video above gives you a peak into our lives.

Here's the main summary...

  • We've sold house, cars, packed everything, finished up at CrossRoads, and said our tearful goodbye's in California.

  • We're in New Hampshire until January 15th spending time with Rachel's family, preparing for Italy, and hoping to encourage the church while we're here.

  • We leave for Italy January 15th and arrive the next day running hard with the church in Montebelluna since they have a missions team there when we arrive, apartment hunting, language study, and teaching a bible college class starting in March.

Please write us if you have any questions or prayer requests. We love hearing from you.

Much love,

Landon, Rachel, Avila, & Holden



Thank you to all of you on this team who have donated already, God has really been pouring out His blessing and it is amazing! We are always welcoming people to pray about joining us in reaching Italy with the gospel by supporting financially. You can check out our donate page for more logistics or click here to give online now or set up automatic monthly payments.


Thank you for praying for us... please send us your prayer requests so we can be praying for you too.

Praise Reports

  • For the amazingly supportive people we have in our lives! Our families have been more supportive than we deserve in this season. Thank God for them!

  • God put the perfect people on our care team (a group of support people at our home church Crossroads). They've been so encouraging and logistically helpful. They share in our heart to reach out in Italy with the Gospel.

  • Our house sold, one car has been sold, and thanks to family in Bako, our stuff got moved, consolidated, and packed. That was a series of epic miracles!!

Prayer Requests

  • For our last car to sell. It is on the lot at Downtown Auto Sales in Bakersfield. Roger DelTorro... you da man.

  • For the transition as our family lives with family and friends. We want to be able to provide the structure and care for our family that’s needed and and also have extra grace and flexibility as well.

  • The perfect apartment and neighbors for our family once we move to Italy. (We just found out the apartment that was lined up for us is now not available)

  • Quick understanding and retention of the Italian culture and language as we're starting language study soon.

  • For our financial team that the Lord would lead people to be part of making the work in Italy financially possible.




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